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The management team at Position 1 Media has been in the field of sales and marketing for 15 plus years. We’ve been involved in all aspects, from product and service creation, client acquisition, sales and marketing. Over the years, we have found two things remain consistent, the first is that if a business is not adding new clients each month they struggle, second is business owners need help getting new clients in the front door.

For us, working with small and mid-size businesses consistently presents a new set of challenges and problem solving initiatives. This is something that we truly enjoy, it’s our passion. Consumers have a lot of choices, businesses need help in staying ahead of the marketing curve and most importantly they need to have the right guidance to find out what works for the lowest acquisition cost per new customer.

This is how Position 1 Media was born, at Position 1 Media our mission is to help businesses grow in a cost-effective manner.