What do we consider a lead?

A phone call to your business that came through one of our tracking phone numbers as a result of a targeted keyword search. Some leads are great and some may not be the perfect fit which is why our packages are not priced on a per lead basis.

Where do our leads come from?

We run paid ad campaigns on keyword phrases that your potential customers search online that are looking for your specific services in your specific location.

Are our leads exclusive or shared?

We only offer exclusive lead generation programs. We don’t believe in making multiple clients of ours compete for the same lead.

How do I know if a lead came from Position 1 Media.

All our campaigns are set up with tracking phone numbers that generate a whisper letting you know the call is from Position 1 Media and an email is sent to you with the date, time and phone number of each inbound call.

How am I charged for your leads.

We have several lead generation programs, the most common package is renting one of our local websites for a monthly fee and letting us drive calls to that site which are forwarded to your business.

What if I get leads but no new business.

We bring the targeted inquiries to your front door but can’t take responsibility for your conversions. Every business has a different intake system, some more effective than others and every business has salespeople with different skill sets. We do monitor the campaigns daily and offer guidance if we see areas where you can improve your lead conversions.

If things are going well, how do I scale to get more leads.

If you’re happy with the quality and quantity of the leads that are being generated from your monthly budget we can always increase your budget which will increase the ad spend to drive more phone calls.

Are there set up fees or long term contracts?

A small setup fee may be charged depending on the campaign structure but we do not require any contracts on our site rentals. Each rental is month to month and can be cancelled at any time with 30 days’ notice.

Lead generation is an art, not a science and we’re committed to helping you achieve the highest ROI possible.

If there are questions not answered in this FAQ, call 800-656-7045